Regular Meetings for the week beginning  9th June The Lord Jesus said
“Come to Me, all you who are
weary and burdened, and I will
give you rest.” Matthew 1128
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Sunday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
10.30am Morning Service
5.30pm Church Tea
6.30pm Evening Service

Wednesday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
7.30pm Bible Study (Joseph) & Prayer Meeting

Friday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
4.15pm Adventurers
Easter Pershore Life 2024 c
About PEC
PEC from a theological standpoint is a Reformed Baptist Church which holds to the doctrines of grace as set out in ‘The Baptist Affirmation of Faith 1966’. In keeping with this, PEC is listed in the directory produced by the Grace Baptist constituency of churches, as well as on their website:

In Pershore there is an ecumenical covenant involving the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and the Baptist Church, PEC has been invited to be involved in this, but declined. This was because PEC is passionately committed to keeping the Scriptures (The Holy Bible) central to the life of the church and every believer. This has at least 4 important expressions in the life of the church:-

PEC seeks to spur true believers to study the Scriptures, both with the church and on their own, and to obey what the Bible teaches.

PEC seeks to encourage true believers to pray to God both with the church and on their own.

PEC seeks to stir up in true believers a pure and practical love which reaches out to everyone, particularly fellow believers.

PEC seeks to motivate true believers to serve God, especially by taking the gospel of God’s grace to every type of person.

PEC’s Covenant contains these as well as other important Scriptural responsibilities, and every new member of PEC signs it as a public declaration that they will take their God given responsibilities seriously. One vital responsibility is to protect children and vulnerable adults associated with PEC, therefore everyone in PEC working with children and vulnerable adults has a current DBS certificate and has signed a personal declaration agreeing to abide by PEC’s Child Protection Policy. (If there are any safe guarding issues please contact PEC’s lead safeguarding officer using the email link to the right.)

PEC is missionary minded and supports practically, prayerfully and financially the work of Grace Baptist Mission as well as other missionary endeavours (see our Links page mentioned above).

We long to meet new people and can assure you of a warm welcome, so please come along and find out more about PEC!