Regular Meetings for the week beginning  9th June The Lord Jesus said
“Come to Me, all you who are
weary and burdened, and I will
give you rest.” Matthew 1128
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Sunday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
10.30am Morning Service
5.30pm Church Tea
6.30pm Evening Service

Wednesday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
7.30pm Bible Study (Joseph) & Prayer Meeting

Friday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
4.15pm Adventurers
Easter Pershore Life 2024 c
PEC believes that preaching the Word of God is to be central to the life of the church. As a result, preaching from the Bible is at the heart of our worship. In terms of its character, it is typically both expository and consecutive in nature, and in terms of its style, every attempt is made to make it Christ centred, God honouring, Spirit empowered and so captivating, relevant and helpful.
We gather around the Word of God on Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings too. A few of these occasoions take the form of a brief devotional study, some take the form of an interactive Bible study, but at the majority of these gatherings the Word of God is preached.
We record every sermon preached at PEC and about the last 3 months worth of sermons is available to listen to on our sermon site, which can be accessed here.