Regular Meetings for the week beginning  9th June The Lord Jesus said
“Come to Me, all you who are
weary and burdened, and I will
give you rest.” Matthew 1128
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Sunday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
10.30am Morning Service
5.30pm Church Tea
6.30pm Evening Service

Wednesday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
7.30pm Bible Study (Joseph) & Prayer Meeting

Friday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
4.15pm Adventurers
Easter Pershore Life 2024 c
To be truly Evangelical requires the following 4 statements to be believed and lived out:

The belief that the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, has all come from God (that is, every single word in the languages used by the original human authors came from God, no word was lost or changed or discarded, and no human author added any of his own);
The belief that the Bible as originally given by God is inerrant (that is, without factual errors);
The belief that the Bible is complete (that is, nothing mankind needs to know, or will need to know, about God and His plans has been left out);
The belief that the Bible is the only infallible authority in all matters of faith and practice (that is, the Bible is without equal, and so on all matters on which it speaks, it is to be believed and obeyed, because what it says is authoritative and final).