Regular Meetings for the week beginning  9th June The Lord Jesus said
“Come to Me, all you who are
weary and burdened, and I will
give you rest.” Matthew 1128
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Sunday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
10.30am Morning Service
5.30pm Church Tea
6.30pm Evening Service

Wednesday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
7.30pm Bible Study (Joseph) & Prayer Meeting

Friday (Abbey Park First & Nursery School)
4.15pm Adventurers
Easter Pershore Life 2024 c
Good News
The message that every Bible believing church has the responsibility of sharing with the world is no burden, because it really is, good news!
The Bible teaches, and every honest person knows, that no-one is perfect. Therefore as God looks at humanity, He sees no-one who at all times and on all occasions has obeyed all the commands that He has given. In God’s eyes, everyone is a sinner.
However, the Holy God is not a disinterested observer. Importantly, He is both the Creator and the Judge of all humanity. Therefore, since everyone is guilty before Him, everyone is facing punishment for their many sins. The Bible teaches that this punishment will never end, and will involve spending eternity under God’s wrath, completely separated from His great love.
This is definitely bad news, but importantly, it sets the scene for, and enhances the wonder of, the good news, which is as follows:-
Out of great love, God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, came into our world, lived a life in which He broke none of God’s commands, and then suffered and died on a cross bearing the everlasting punishment deserved by others. The result of His death and resurrection is that many will be saved and escape everlasting punishment. Those saved will spend eternity as a son or daughter of God continually blessed by both His presence and His great love.
Now although the Lord Jesus Christ died on a cross to save many from their sins, all who put their faith in Him will be saved. To be clear about this, all who believe – that when the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross at Calvary He bore the punishment that they deserve from a Righteous God because of the many sins that they have committed – will be saved!
The first fruit of such faith is repentance, that is, a genuine seeking of forgiveness from God, coupled with a God given and so persevering resolve to build a new and godly lifestyle.
Other related fruits of such faith are believers’ baptism, a hunger for prayer, the Word of God and good Bible teaching, a desire to gather regularly for fellowship with those who profess the same faith, and a zeal to tell others about the great love of God.
If you are interested in, or profess, such faith, come along and meet us!